Expert Opinion on the Virtual Franchise

As you evaluate the Juice Plus+ Virtual Franchise, why not consider the opinion of someone you can verify is trustworthy.

Are you familiar with Ron Blue? If not, you can learn about him at Ron and his wife Judy both became National Marketing Directors in Juice Plus+.

You can see and hear them online talking about their business (even though they are not allowed to mention it by name at the iquestions website!)

These short video clips will give you a very good overview of the Juice Plus+ business and why it stands out from the rest; also how Ron evaluated Juice Plus+ before Judy was given the ok to get started.

If you wish, you can listen to this audio recording of Ron Blue on the Juice Plus+ Virtual Franchise.

Finally here is Ron's article of the
Juice Plus+ Virtual Franchise

We hope these give you a level of comfort that this is a legitimate business, through and through.

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