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Team Eagles Top Achievers for September


Congrats to Michelle Ames, Alice Cromwell and Tiesa Chorzempa

for qualifying their business for the first time - keep it up!

To EVERYONE who qualified their business last month and every month: WELL DONE!


WELL DONE for adding 5+ new Preferred Customers!


11 Michele Nichols
8 Cheryl Lawrence
7 Tammy Mann *
7 Rich Thompson *
6 Kevin Ross
5 Rachel Harries
5 Jenny Daly
5 Robbin Smith
5 Judy Brown


* promoted and earned their $100 bonus!

Now let your 'world class customer care' kick in, and sow seeds for the business.

WELL DONE for Growing Your Team!

Robbin Smith (3) Jo Ritter (2)
Kevin Ross (2) Denise Feigum (2)
Michelle Ames Anita Cristando
Rita Hale Rachel Harries
Lisa MacAulay Michele Nichols
Amanda Schneider Blue Russ
Garth Tayler Marie Solomon
Wendy Wheadon Rich Thompson
Dana Wright Denise Williams


Now: get those new folks on a Connection Call with us or your upline NMD to welcome them;

help Launch their business with Starter Guide Training to help move them to DD, VF and SC;

and help them Fast Track, which is everyone's right and privilege in this business.


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