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The First 30-60-120 Days With Your Virtual Franchise


What you do during your first 30-60 days is extremely important in getting your business started right.  Part of being successful is positioning yourself well in our business model. 


Within the Virtual Franchise, we have four pay positions where we earn anywhere from retail profit only, to additional commissions of 6, 14, or 22% on your own personal business, plus organizational bonuses and other benefits.


The four positions look something like this:

Click to view full sizeEveryone starts as a Dealer.  You simply complete a New Distributor application along with a $50 registration fee. This allows you to begin ordering product at wholesale, developing Preferred Customers and personally sponsoring others who will become the beginning nucleus of your distributor organization.


The first position which pays a commission is called Direct Distributor where you now earn 6% on the Purchase Volume of your business, in addition to the retail profit from Preferred Customers. Next, is the Virtual Franchisee position where your commission more than doubles to 14%.  And, in a relatively short time, you will be at the top commission level known as Sales Coordinator where you will earn 22% commission.


Here's a unique feature of our Business Model:

Each time you move to a higher commission level, your position becomes PERMANENT. You cannot fall back; you can only move forward.


Fast Track 2000+

Now here's a proven system which will enable you to reach the 14% commission level ... Virtual Franchisee ... during your first 60 days. We call this simple, duplicatable system the Fast Track. 


There is also this special incentive: if you complete this 2000+ in your first 60 days or less, you will win a $350 bonus and a free ticket to the next Leadership Conference.


Throughout this article, you will read the phrase PVC; this is Purchase Volume Credit.  Simply put, the Purchase Volume Credit (PVC) points represent that portion of the wholesale cost of Juice Plus+, which is used to calculate commissions and the qualifications for reaching the various distributor positions. 


During your first 30 days any combination of one time personal orders and Preferred Customer orders that total 500 points positions you at the Direct Distributor, 6%, level.


As you follow our system and share Juice Plus+, you should find someone who wants to do what you are doing. If you and your team member together add another 10 Preferred Customers, during your first 60 days, for a total of 2000 PVC, you will complete your Fast Track.


The most successful people take advantage of this Fast Track program by making a commitment to get at least two of the Juice Plus+ CDs or DVDs into peoples' hands every day, 5 days a week, and doing great follow-up.  By consistently working our program you should have no problem achieving this first important goal.


When You've Completed Your Fast Track... Congratulations!

However, this is just the beginning. The best advice we can give you is to continue working the system and teaching others to do the same. 


Set your sights on building your base of Preferred Customer families to 30-40 over the next few months, plus 3-4 team members who are adding new customers every week.

  • That solidifies your personal business.

  • Locks in your personal volume every month at about $1,000 PVC (a 'Qualified Business')

  • And brings your income up to about $500 a month.  That's $6,000 a year.

In addition, you have started the nucleus of your team. But even more importantly, you have successfully created a model for your business, which others will duplicate again and again and again. 


Consistency of effort is the key.  This is how to build momentum and guarantee that others will see how simple and duplicatable the Virtual Franchise really is.


Now that you have learned to work this tried and proven system, you can teach your team to do the same.  Every time someone starts their business, encourage them to work the 2000+ program. You can help them advance to the Virtual Franchisee level after 60 days just as you've done. 


Now you can take advantage of the Six Months to Sales Coordinator Fast Track program - with some great incentives!


Whether you can give this business a part-time or full-time effort, make it your best effort and watch your business grow!


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